Saturday, 9 July 2011

Kalyan's Thanskgiving Mass

Attending Kalyan's first Thanksgiving Mass in his hometown and Parish, was a very homely affair. No big crowds and fanfare. Just a simple Mass, felicitation thereafter and a solemn lunch for all. For a person like Kalyan, it went well with his temperament and relational style. One of the things I liked most was the presence of those who were dear to him... just them, not all and sundry. He was clear on having only those whom he wanted, not a large crowd. I was also glad the way Kalyan thanked all those present for the occasion: plain, without mincing words and straight from the heart. No airs or attempts to impress anyone or boost oneself!

Secondly, those who attended the whole ceremony, at least most of them, knew his father (and his family) well. Listening to the various messages and spontaneous words of quite a few, it was clear that they had all come in honour of his late father, Mr Prasad. Now that's a real great challenge and source of inspiration Kalyan can choose to be inspired by: to live up to the ideals and values his father lived and died by (that too as a lay person in an official governmental post).

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