Friday, 22 July 2011

Bocha Ravi, an epitome of determination

This evening the youngster, Bocha Ravi, a simple yet very determined boy from one of the neighbouring villages (Cheepruvalasa), about whom I had written an article for the website last year visited the Seminary. In fact he came here to show to Fr KT, his appointment/invitation letter from a couple of reputed companies in India... thus gratefully acknowledge the assistance that Fr KT had once offered him when he was still in his school days. Talking to me personally he broke down a couple of times, narrating how Fr KT supported him and how his generous help, prevented him from being a 'nobody'. He is now determined that this job at IOC which he now taking up, is not the end of his dreams. His greatest dream, which he is determined to live out, is to become an IAS officer and serve in Vizag or Vizianagaram. Why IAS? That is the way I can really bring about a change and help the rural sector.

What I admired in him, was his simplicity. He was really humble and sober. No airs whatsoever. Secondly, here is a young man, clear about what he wants to achieve in life. When asked, if he had any plans to go abroad, where there are better prospects given his field of study, he was immediate in responding, "I've no interest in accumulating money." Now that's the clear headedness and determination that makes life worth living... I hope and pray that more and more of us, who have dedicated our lives exactly for this purpose, begin to live it.

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