Sunday, 31 July 2011

Children's Fest

This day we had a lovely Children's Fest, the annual Irugu Porugu (the neighbourhood, in Telugu). There were over 500 children the whole day with us... well animated programme for the whole stay. Beginning with a tableau presentation by each village, then the song and dance competition, followed by lunch, recreation and the concluding session around tea time. Some of the memorable moments of the day:
  • the unique (out of the normal) tableau of Br Chinna and team on Terrorism. It was quite a creative thought and great presentation.
  • me firing a late comer, who comes in with his father right till the hall on the bike... the gentleman later turns out to be the Principal of the most famous English medium school in the neighbourhood!!
  • the 'embarrassing' moments I found myself propelled on to the stage (thanks to Fr KT) which turned out to be good opportunity to put to test my real self... whether I know for real what such programmes are? Mere one day entertainment or triggers of greater things back in the villages... Once again, another test of my language skills in Telugu... I continue to shock myself.
  • the food arrangement/distribution for the whole lot of children, quite effectively done by the two groups of Mother Teresa and Speed 'n speed, without any cajoling or 'threats'.
  • was happy to see the Brothers too actively involved and sincerely happy to be the children and seeing that things go on fine and smooth. Very refreshing and promising, given the otherwise lacklustre attitude towards some of the serious things of life.
  • am glad that I can balance being stern with being jovial and friendly. I noticed that quite a few children would try their mischievous stunts but then also be careful to see that they do not cross the line, which I silently would be drawing through my looks.
Thanks Mother Mary for your guidance and protection...

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