Monday, 17 August 2009

With Jostrom

This afternoon had the privilege of celebrating Mass with Fr Joshtrom. Just the three of us, including the Lord. A short Mass, no homily or sermon. Only a special prayer for someone whose dead body Fr Josh say on the railway track this early morning on his way to Hyderabad from Vizag. But being there with him, was something special. His calm, reserved, sensitive celebration of the Eucharist made me literally feel that something very special is going on. He had a tenderness which only can be felt. Perhaps if it was anyone else celebrating Mass that way, it would have been a very nauseating experience - but not with Fr Joshtrom. With him it was a very soothing spiritual exercise - very much humbling and special.

My first thoughts when I concluded the first reading (from the book of Judges, Yahweh reprimanding and 'persecuting' the Jews for infidelity, in spite of repeated help and support): I wonder if God, if given a chance to write another Bible, would be writing differently. I think the basic attitude and spirit of going about our life is basically the same. But the difference I believe is that there are still some good people who neutralise the negative impact of most of us. That's why, God is still patient.

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