Sunday, 9 August 2009

My blog ... anniversary (belated!)

This evening it struck me that it's already more than a year since I began blogging! It was in June last year that I began to blog during my stay at KJC, Bangalore for classes in Philosophy. This evening as I saw Fr Anchu, I was reminded of my stay at KJC and then this 'anniversary' came to my mind.

Am happy that I still am able to put down something or the other (mostly my state of mind, or some thoughts that tickle my mind) almost everyday. At times I wonder if I am reflecting at all or only 'blog-flecting'! Whatever be the case, I'm happy that put down things. May be years later when I wish to look back upon my own life, I will have something to smile and laugh about! Most importantly, they will bring back to my mind, memories of people associated with what I now write.

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