Thursday, 13 August 2009

Storm - after and before!

Calm after the storm:
The SPCSA is over and for lunch today we were only 8 of us!! Wow what a sudden change. All of us could sit and eat together peacefully, without running round making sure that the dal is sufficient, that so-and-so got his garlic, whether hot water flask is full, making sure the 'foreigners' have their diet on table.... what not!! Then at last when you have your plate in hand, the phone starts ringing or there is somebody wanting-but-not-wanting to disturb you with a paper/pen drive in hand for some printing/photocopying.
This is a peaceful afternoon.

Calm before the storm:
There is already Fr Julian Fox mailing and reminding me about the upcoming Social Communications meeting in the last week of October. To add to the zing, two confreres have already informed me about their arrival!!

Whatever it be, there is always the storm!!

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