Tuesday, 25 August 2009

History, in bits

My reading of the history of the Congregation surprised me with two small instances today:
It is said that when Don Bosco died, Vatican thought of fusing the Congregation with another one!! Now given the fact that we were already 768 perpetually professed members in the Congregation, this idea of merger sounds a bit ridiculous. Maybe Rome was unsure if the Salesian society would continue without Don Bosco. Well, this fear cannot be ruled out as irrational. Given the charismatic towering personality that Don Bosco was, it would surely have taken a great amount of faith to see someone else (anyone, for that matter) take his place!

The second discovery was that the Holy See's decree of appointment (I think, of Don Rua as Rector Major) could not be traced! I thought that was my problem (I really wouldn't be able to tell you where the decree of appointment of Fr Provincial is, in my archives!!).

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