Saturday, 22 August 2009

The humane-ness of Ruth

Among all the stories of the Old Testament in the Bible, the one of Ruth appeals most to me. Reflecting as to why this is so, I realise that the story of Ruth is one of common man. It is a story that tugs at your humanity. Nothing supernatural or extravagant, but a simple and straight story of love, concern and fidelity. Perhaps the divine element is there, (may be emerges later, when we see the connection between her offspring and Jesus Christ) but certainly not over emphasised.

This leads me to postulate that Ruth did have a good family upbringing. She sensed the pain and the loneliness of Naomi and therefore was willing to give up her comfort (and right?) to stand by her mother-in-law in her need. It is good to take note of this, lest we have a narrow idea that only the 'chosen people' were the most virtuous. Graces are bestowed upon all, irrespective of any distinction. It is up to us to appropriately respond to them. This response is what makes us sinners or saints.

Most important lesson from the life of Ruth: humanity precedes/channels divinity.

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