Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Web Chronicling?

Fr Ivo's example of starting multiple blogs for different themes is tickling me. This morning during Mass (of all possible times) I got this idea of starting a blog for chronicling the history of the Province. I could open it up to some selected confreres in the Province who can chip in with photos and events from their communities and institutions - now that's a daily task, practically. But done regularly and well, we certainly will have something to speak about in years to come. Going around the houses and glancing at their chronicles, my heart bleeds! So scanty information while there is so much happening, just within the house. The scope and reach out and activities are being multiplied and changed and revamped, but nothing enters the records. At this rate, I fear, a few years down the line, we will have nothing to speak about, except from memory - which is very short lived! But will that be 'too open' a record to maintain??
That also means, I'm committing myself to more time at the computer - something I must really curb, before I become an addict!

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