Saturday, 1 August 2009

PCs in INH

Some facts about the Provincial Chapters of the Province:
  • The first one was held in two sessions right at the beginning of the Province (in 1993). The first session was held at Nambur and the next session of the same was held at Jevan Jyothi, Hyderabad. The present Provincial house did not exist then. Don Bosco School, Sanathnagar doubled up as the Provincial house. Fr Medabalimi Balaswamy was the moderator of this Chapter. "Side-effects": Frs TD John, Palli and Johnson were asked to leave the hall (turned Chapel for the inaugural Mass) because they did not have cassocks!!
  • The second one was moderated by Fr Maliekal (dates I am yet to find out). It was in preparation for GC 24 - the one on Lay collaboration. "Side-effects": In Fr Maliekal's words, this is the PC when the Sisters were attacked!! Invited as observers, they were being told what to do by us Salesians. In turn they stated what they wanted us to do. Result... clash of ideas and fire and brimstone!!
  • The third Chapter was moderated by Fr Noel. He was asked to moderate a Chapter without ever participating in one before!
  • The fourth PC was held in February 2000 and was moderated by Fr TD John. Goes without saying, must have been one done with near perfection. It was in preparation for GC 25 on Community life. No wonder he refers to that document so liberally. Shows he was fully into it.
  • The next one, PC 5, was held in February 2003 and Fr Simon was the moderator.
  • The last one so far was PC 6 in two sessions (November 2005 at Chiguru and the final session in Hyderabad in Feb-March 2006). Fr Raminedi Balaraju was the moderator. This was one where the election of the Provincial delegates was jumbled up and had to be redone. I was part of the second session (Provincial delegate). My experience: it was fun!!
P.S.: During Fr Benjy's time there were three PCs: one in the beginning of the Province, the other mid-way and the last one at the end of his term (Fr Balaswamy did not want to have one at the beginning of his term).

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