Sunday, 23 August 2009

For love of home

I took time out today to watch the movie 'Fun with Dick and Jane', of course, on TV. It is a nice movie with a good theme. The presence of Jim Carrey is enough to ensure the comedy. Yet there are some poignant moments played by Jim (Dick). Here is a man (and his wife, Jane/Tea Leoni) who suddenly finds his whole life go topsy-turvy because of some scam by his bosses. He loses his job, financial security, pension, and even his house. Pushed to the wall, both husband and wife, risk everything to earn some money. He, though once the vice-president of a reputed company, stands in queue for jobs meant for the immigrants, goes to prison, takes to stealing... She signs up for a medical testing programme for a cosmetic... just to earn some money. I like the part when he works all night to get their lawn done up! In the morning when Jane wakes up, she in fact congratulates him and says, it's beautiful. (In fact, it is all bits and pieces of grass cut up from all over the neighbours gardens).

It reminds me of what parents are willing to undergo and put up with just give their children a decent life. The movie 'Pursuit of Happyness' is another such story. Makes me really thank God for my parents! I know what they have been through. What pains and struggles they have undergone to ensure that both of us (my brother and me) have a secure future. That's the reason, I will always be proud to say that I am a 'Castilino'. In fact, several people ask me why am I not know by my baptismal name. It is true that 'Castilino' is something that brothers started calling me while in Yercaud to avoid confusion (there were already two Vincent's there!). But I still like when people call me by my surname... a small way of showing my gratitude to my Parents. Thanks Papa and Mummy!

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