Thursday, 20 August 2009

Convergence of energies

In India we, the Salesians, are ranked second only to the Government in running technical schools in the whole of the country. This is a recognized fact and much has been achieved over the last couple of years. However, things can be much better. With the available infrastructure, expertise, man power, funds and the special Salesian charism (or knack), we can really transform the face of the country. Yet the reality is still slow to happen! I liked one of the recent ideas that DB Tech India (the Salesian National Technical schools body) came up with: rather than each technical school in the Province trying to provide all possible skills and equip themselves in every trade, have an understanding by which each school specialises in one or two particular trades. Youngsters eager to learn a trade can be directed to the corresponding institution - after all, practically all the technical schools have boardings attached to them. This way, we can concentrate and specialise in particular fields and reach out to a greater number. If not, we only stretch ourselves too far and wide, waste personnel (because each technical school needs to be staffed) and underutilise the infrastructure and opportunities.

I was just wondering if this principle can also be applied to some other aspects of our apostolate, perhaps the formation sector?

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