Wednesday, 26 August 2009

A living monument to Don Bosco!

I've always admired Fr John Lens. He has always been someone whom I really looked up to, right since my school days. In fact, when I joined the Salesians and began my study of Don Bosco, I had no difficulty in understanding who and what 'Don Bosco' was because I knew Fr Lens! Today I feel elated for at last I have found one small way of showing my respect and admiration for someone I adore... together with my helper, Ms Sheeba, we published online (through Lulu) the major works of Fr Lens (most of these are abridged versions of the originals found in Italian or French).

Not one to know what 'free time' is, he has been busy (and is so today too!) translating texts from foreign languages into English, with the sole purpose of making known Don Bosco and his love for God and young people, to as many people as possible, especially those aspiring to be his sons! His body is 87 now but his heart, mind and eyes are still that of a teenager, passionately in love with Don Bosco and Christ. (Of course, his ears are a bit shut now!! But never mind, his walking stick is handy for those who take too much advantage of his hearing!)

May the lives of such living role models inspire and encourage us all to a greater commitment to Christ and Don Bosco!

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