Monday, 17 August 2009

The Salesian Brother

Regarding the Salesian Brother, there has been a talk since long, that he should be on the staff of every major formation house in the Province. At first I too was for it. But not of late! I don't remember who put this in my head, but I'm now beginning to see the wisdom in it: that Brothers need to be present in the school settings. The idea however, is that given the fact that there are very few vocations to Brotherhood, we first need to have good sizeable number. For that to happen young people need to SEE Brothers and see them doing well. So, place them amidst young people who are most open to a religious vocation - whether that be a school or a technical school. (Parishes, I think, we do not really fit in - I'm speaking from the perspective of our Province.)

Again, the tag line: no point having Brothers in strategic places, if the quality of life is pathetic. For that matter, Brother or Priest, let quality of religious life be the best wherever one is. The rest will follow!

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