Saturday, 15 August 2009

Dogmas and life

In his sermon this morning, Fr Tom shared about the dogma of the Assumption and the joy that this proclamation brought about in the year 1950. However my mind drifted to another stray thought that emerged in my mind then: Will it be the same if the Pope were to announce another dogma on Our Lady now? I have a feeling that it would not be the same! There certainly would be a lot of hesitation to declare any further dogmas now. Not that their value has diminished or that there are no more facts to be ascertained. It is only that people (read as faithful and the not-so-faithful) are no more interested in dogmas. I think, all would be happier if they'd find some exemplary persons whom they can look and live up to rather than have more some more truths ascertained intellectually.

Of course, the whole dialogue with the other Christian groups is another large factor to be kept in mind. I do not mean that we stop proclaiming what we believe in but I suppose my belief is in persons and not mere truths, and certainly not for antagonizing someone.

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