Monday, 3 August 2009

Living Friendship - not a dead friend!

I got this sms the other day. It was describing the Friendship Day. But if what it said about the origin of the 'Friendship day' is true, then I should say that there isn't a greater fool than the one who 'invented' the day!!

Here's what the sms said (I'd have to check its authenticity, though):
In 1935 american government had killed a person on 1st Saturday of August. The next day his friend died committing suicide. In this memory the American government declared the first sunday of every August as 'Friends Day'.
If this is true that friendship day began because some lunatic committed suicide..., then the americal government is a bigger lunatic!! If the latter was a true friend of the one who died, he'd have resolved to live even his friend's life. Living it to the full and accomplishing all that his friend couldn't. Most importantly, even take care of his family for him. Bring up his children in an upright manner. That would have been an ideal way of living one's friendship, not committing suicide!!

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