Monday, 17 August 2009

Quite a bit, for a day!

This day has been quite an eventful day. But I've stuck to my schedule and have achieved much too. Most important of all, been able to keep my cool and did all I wanted to, beside my office work.

There was Fr Joshtrom today with us till lunch, Mr Amalnathan's youngest son's nuptial, death news of the Bp of Eluru, the heaviest shower of this year, washed my hands of one more passport (in the process of procuring the visa), finalised the Council agenda, called up a couple of friends I'd been postponing since long, cleared all bills and dues of the SPCSA, cleant my room and office (spic and span), started reviewing the assignments of the first year students (introduction to Philosophy)... and to top it all off, was the conversation with Fr Julian Fox (more of this later).

The only thing that didn't really take off as planned was my attempt to draft the editorial policy for Kaburlu (the Province magazine). But fine, I shall start that tomorrow for sure! Look forward to another insight-filled day tommorrow: Youth Pastoral team with the Formation Commission.

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