Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Vows: Human and Divine dimension

Viewing the evangelical counsels from an anthropological perspective, their emphasis is not diminished.  In fact, most of us fail in the normal human realm while we feel we are doing well at the divine realm (do great with regard to God but not with our neighbour!).  Though may seem a bit narrow view of the evangelical values, the following particular viewpoint touches upon our being human much before it helps us arrive at God...
in relation to things: poverty
in relation to persons: chastity
in relation to oneself: obedience 
However for us religious God is not something we postulate at the end of the practice of our evangelical counsels.  Rather, God is to be the primary reason for our taking up the evangelical counsels.  Only in him and because of him we love our neighbour (in chastity); use goods of the world in solidarity (in poverty) and discern our own path in the light of the Divine plan (in obedience). 

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