Sunday, 20 May 2018

A little good deed

On my walk this evening I came across three ladies - one of them an RSPCA officer - trying to coax a foal into a caravan.  The only trouble was that the foal was across the fence and the gate padlocked!  I noticed them from a distance and as I neared asked if they needed help.  One of them responded that they'd be happy if someone helped.  She stated that though it looked as if they were stealing the foal but it's just that the police officer would not let them cut the padlock without the owner being present.  The foal was just a day old and the mother had died.  The owner, no one knew anything about.  One of the ladies happened to notice this and informed the RSPCA.  I located a wedge in the fence, big enough to lead the foal rather than haul him over the gate! That was quick work.  This was the first time I saw and felt a horse, even though it was just a day old.  Even though it was not very steady on its feet and none of us were sure if it had milk at all since its birth, it was all muscle, heavy and big (in comparison to any baby animal I've come across!).

And came home, only to find the following video forwarded on one of my whatsapp group...

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