Sunday, 13 May 2018

To belong, to be at Home

The prayer of Jesus to the Father in today's Gospel, on behalf of his apostles and disciples, is a very poignant one.  He asks that they be strengthened, they be protected from the evil, that they be consecrated in truth... they are the final bidding prayers of a person who loves those he is leaving behind. 

The whole idea is that the apostles and disciples do not lose the full picture.  That they get lost in the merely mundane but be able to look beyond and have a comprehensive vision of life and faith.  However, does the line, in the centuries to come, this whole notion somehow got diluted or corrupted to mean that this world, here and now, is something that is to be avoided.  Something that needs to be viewed with suspicion and therefore to be on the alert. 

We can choose to be merely suspicious of the here and now and therefore concerned with merely 'preserving' the divine nature within us or strive for the broader vision and work towards enhancing that divine nature! 

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