Monday, 7 May 2018

Political strategy

With elections coming up for the state and within a year for the whole country, the political battles are getting bitter.  However, the ruling party hasn't any worthy opponent.  That doesn't make it a saint - far from it! The ruling party will most likely come to power not merely on its own merit, but thanks to the lack of alternatives.  Furthermore the think-tank in the ruling party have really got the common man in their pocket... not by any fair and just means, but mostly by keeping him/her occupied with trivial issues blown out of proportion to make us all believe that these are life and death issues.  The brains behind the campaign and the tenure have not done really anything highly controversial, but certainly prepared the ground for an unopposed ride in the next term.  The use of social media to promote an echo chamber has been phenomenal. 

The situation is such that most people 'think' that they are in the know how of things and 'feel' that all is well.  The American writer Thomas Pynchon's quote in Gravity's Rainbow (1973) is quite apt for the clever strategy of the government:
If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers. 
Besides if there are no forums to raise questions or systems in place where these can be sensibly aired, then certainly there is nothing going 'wrong' at all!  

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