Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Shifts and changes

It is almost a year and half since I came to the UK and looking back I can certainly see that there are areas of life that I've grown in and others not so.  I certainly have a different take on religious life and spirituality but certain other things still remain the same.  Among the new things that I've gained - besides the extra kilos I've put on, thanks to my rather sedentary life - is a growing interest in gardening.  Perhaps it has much to do with my own need to keep myself busy, an alternative to get out of the room!  But even that is not a regular activity I can keep myself busy - thanks to the British weather! However, gardening is certainly one area that I've tried out new.  

On the other hand, my habit of keeping up-to-date of Salesian matters has drastically taken a back seat!  Leave alone, reading Salesian material or texts, I'm not really sure of the latest developments about the upcoming General Chapter!  So has my social and public interaction!  Given the situation wherein we are living, away from the school and the parish, there is hardly anyone I meet other than Katie, besides the community members.  From being surrounded all the time by so many students or children all time, everytime, to hardly seeing anyone has been the greatest shift in my regular life.  

Am not very sure where study of philosophy fits in: better or worse?  All said and done, am happy to have this opportunity to see life and the world differently.  

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