Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Quality of life

Why is it that in religious life, living is made simple and without too many frills?  Our vows are basically aimed at reducing the 'clutter' in living.  At times when I see some of the students at the university and all that they have and carry around, it amazes me.  The same is true of some religious too.  They have so many things, half of which they themselves are not aware of.  And yet these things are carried round year after year and remain in one's room or in the house, gathering dust.  And most of these are not even essentials - well, at least not for me! 

However the whole point of simplification in religious life is that we focus on the bare essentials.  After a time in life there comes a point when we realise that there are very few things that are really really needed.  The rest are luxuries which can very well be dispensed with.  The point of religious life is to improve the quality of life, rather than the commodity of life.  But if the simplification does not aid in the improving the inner quality of life, then again, that 'de-cluttering' is another thing added to the existing clutter!

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