Wednesday, 16 May 2018

Political Shepherding!

Politics never fails to amaze! I thought it happened only in movies.  The political party herds all its members, the MPs, MLAs and all those 'elected to power' into a resort or hotel in crucial times when the allocation of tickets or in case of a hung assembly.  The idea is that no one is enticed by the rival political party to join their party and thereby tilt the number in their favour.  It actually happens in reality too!!  Wow... goes a long way in showing how trustworthy politicians are.  If their loyalty lies with the party and its leadership then they ought to stick together through thick or thin, but not be 'herded together'.  Full points to the leaders (for their trust in their own party members) and the ministers (for their loyalty to the team).

One can write a whole new and different Bible for politics, especially about 'shepherding'!

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