Sunday, 13 May 2018

Rest for the comb

Baldness is not often seen kindly in most parts of the world.  So is appearance of grey hair.  However there are some who are not the least bothered about these.  Years ago, when I was still at school, I remember a priest who used to make jokes about his own bald head and did not mind us laughing at his lack of hair on the head.  When I asked him once how come his baldness did not perturb him, he replied in his usual enthusiastic manner:  'What counts is what's in the head rather than what's on it! Moreover why complain when it makes my morning chores easier: Less hair to comb and more face to wash!'

Have always remembered that and have been least bothered about my receding hairline or the appearance of grey hair.  (Mum, of course, is furious because I don't even bother to oil my hair!)  Being far from her, I've taken the liberty and my head hasn't seen hair oil for the last two years!  However my curly hair has always been a blessing and a curse.  Blessing because it managed itself.  Curse because, even on the few occasions I'd try to comb it, it would stubbornly have its own way.  The other day, I had a very close cut.  Mostly because the barber in a hurry, cut it very short!  Realising her mistake, she was a bit at a loss.  When I smiled and told her go ahead, she felt greatly relieved and proceeded to cut it short evenly.  So my comb can rest for a couple of weeks!  And I can have my regular sleep - had to wake up a couple of minutes early to get my hair wet and then in some order before I reached the Chapel every morning!  

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