Thursday, 17 May 2018

Chocolate drink

The idea and recipe of the Cadbury chocolate originated in the West Indies! A note at the British museum bears testimony to this.  It is said that the physician and founder of the British Museum, Sir Hans Sloane first tasted the West Indian drink made from cocoa plant during one of his visits to Jamaica.  A note explaining this historical event reads...
'Nauseous and hard of digestion' was Sloane's first reaction to the West Indian drink made from cocoa plant.  He boiled the beans with milk and sugar to make it more tasty and used it as a remedy for indigestion and consumption.  After his return from the West Indies, 'Sloane's milk chocolate' was sold all over London, the recipe eventually passing to the Cadbury brothers.  The botanist Carl Linnaeus called it theobroma cocao - 'drink of the gods'. 
It is said that chocolate was a delicacy for the king and queens - primarily because Sloane was their  physician and who would reject such a lovely medication! 
The bust of Sir Hans Sloane, in the British Museum

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