Sunday, 27 May 2018

तीन तिकङम

In Hindi there is the popular saying, तीन  तिकङम काम भीकडं... where there are three involved in a work, there abounds confusion and utter failure!  So I guess it would not be a great idea to begin a catechism class in the Hindi belt with a  discourse on the Holy Trinity! 

The best we can grasp of the Trinity is the relationship between the three people, just as in a family.  Every family, even if it comprises of merely three people, has its own ups and downs.  There are moments of great joy, thrill, excitement and there are also moments of sadness, confusion and anxiety.  All of these go in to make us a family.  Not everything is perfect, all the time.  Perhaps if it were, we would not be a united loving family - just as if a family were to bear only hardships all along, with no moments of joy.  While none of us have a total control over the circumstances in which we live, we can to a great extent choose our perspective of those circumstances.  It is that attitude, that perspective, that bonding, that ultimately forms the foundation of our relationship. 

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