Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Son of a carpenter

'What part of Joseph's personality did Jesus imbibe or exhibit?', was the question that Fr Kevin began his homily with, this morning during the Mass of St Joseph, the worker. 
  • Was it his relational skills which saw him relate to practically everyone in his surrounding with the same respect and dignity?  
  • Was it his workmanship which saw him be dedicated to what he considered was his primary duty?
  • Was it his ability in recognizing that he is not the only one at work in the society and hence form constructive alliances and build a network of hard working people from different backgrounds?
  • Was it his attitude towards the working class of the society, whom he treated with equal dignity and compassion as any intellectual or civil servant?  
  • Was it his concern and affection for the women who followed him or met him during his journeys and visits to the different regions of Israel?  
  • Was it his calm and serene nature that helped him stay focused and polite, even when the whole crowd was against him? 
  • Was it his down to earth use of imageries in communicating the richness of the Kingdom to his listeners? 
  • Was it his grace to be able to mingle and be at home with the hoi polloi of the society, even though he was the son of God?
  • Was it his words and phrases and accent and gestures? 
  • Was it his dressing sense, his hairstyle, food habits and 
  • Was it his knowledge of farming and fishing which he clearly used lavishly in his various anecdotes and parables (surely much more than carpentry!)? 

Matthew 13: 55 expresses the amazement of those who witness Jesus' ministry and ask: "Isn't he the carpenter's son?..."

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