Friday, 18 May 2018

Opportunities for all

Yesterday at the British museum I noticed a group of differently-abled children in the 'Enlightenment gallery'.  They were about 8 of them.  All were physically and mentally challenged. Two of them were wheel chair bound.  I think each of them had a full time carer with them.  Some of them were really restless and noisy.  However, the carers took good care of them. 

What surprised me most was that they brought them to the museum.  Not only that they were explaining the various things of the museum to them, just as they would to a normal child!  Back in India, a child with any disability is considered a burden.  Taking them out in public is only adding to the social stigma they and their parents face.  Hence they are mostly house-bound.  I know not how much of what they saw of the museum did these understand and learn but I greatly admired the fact that they were offered this opportunity, this exposure.  Very brave and patient was the explanation of the teachers too.  

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