Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Mechanisation of labour

I'm sitting here in the library looking out for distractions, rather than concentrating!  And right outside is a mini-earth mover.  The width of the 'hand' is not bigger than two manual spades.  And the depth the person is digging is not anymore than a few inches.  That brings to my mind, the fact that there is no 'manual labour' in this part of the world.  Every bit of 'hard manual labour' has been so mechanised that it can hardly be called manual labour, leave alone 'hard'. 

To this day, I haven't seen anyone manually digging the ground or carrying a sack.  Everything is done using machines - small, big, simple, complex.  It's amusing to see these at work - not the people!  I'm sure there are several advantages of this development.  They certainly do take away the physical strain and struggle from any and every job.  However, feel it all a bit as distancing ourselves from nature, more and more. 

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