Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Reincarnation and driving

While talking about the tyre and the replacement of it with a new one, I expressed surprise that we had to replace the whole tyre rather than repair the small hole.  I stated that back in India, I have driven vehicles with torn, patched, stitched and stuffed tyres - and am very well living to tell the tale!  Fr Kevin humourously interjected: "Oh, driving in India!!  I'd never drive in India!!  Not only there but in any place where they believe in reincarnation!"

Well its true that traffic in India is chaotic - in fact, crazy, in comparison to the organised traffic adherence here in the UK.  For most Europeans the first and most vivid memory - in fact, the most horrifying one - of India is the traffic they see as soon as they come out of the airport.  I've seen and heard the experience of people myself, back in India whenever someone came from Europe to the Provincial house and even now listening to people who have been to India!

However, there is some method in the madness - if one may be permitted to call it so.  According to statistics in the year 2016, in India, there were 1,50,785 deaths; while in the UK there were only 1,792 deaths and 181,384 casualities.  But compared to the overall population and the state of affairs, the Indian figures though big, are relatively small - if not, a small miracle!  (A bigger miracle would be getting our Indian population follow traffic rules!)

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