Thursday, 3 May 2018

Dissent and dissection

In the early Church Paul and Barnabas travel back to Rome to discuss with the apostles and elders about the right way of going about concerning the pagans joining Christianity.  The issue being whether they should first become Jews or need not.  The apostles decide that they need not. But this does not go down well with the Pharisees who were converted to Christianity. 

These days the German bishops are seriously discussing and debating about the distribution of communion to non-Catholic partners.  Like Paul and Barnabas, these Bishops too are zealous disciples seeking the best way forward.  And like Paul and Barnabas, they too trace their steps to Rome.  Wonder what will come of this discussion. 

Wonder what Jesus would have said?  Perhaps it would not have become such a big issue after all, if he were to have said a word about it.  But even in his own times, there was dissent and difference of opinion.  When he spoke of him being the bread of life and his body their nourishment, some of his faithful disciples did not like it and left his side.  So there is no big surprise that there are disagreements and differences of opinion even among the leaders, or frontline protagonists on the same side. 

It made me think of a surgery to remedy an ailment.  A cut is made, the remedy done and the wound stitched up.  The wound may heal but the scar remains.  What is once cut will never regain the original bond.  These debates concerning the betterment of religion, while debated in good faith, need not always yield perfect solutions.  (Perhaps ayurvedic treatment is better... no side-effects, but takes time!)

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