Friday, 4 May 2018

Salesian summer bloom

Today while working in the garden, a confrere said, "Anyone looking at you now will know that you're not local! Only Indians can be wearing flip flops while working in the garden!" and both of us laughed.  I said, "What's the thrill in working in the garden if you cannot feel the grass at your feet and touch the mud with your bare hands?"  Most locals working in their garden tend to wear shoes, rough jeans, a pair of gloves, a hat and some even an apron.  And if they are mowing the lawn or trimming the hedges, then there is the additional gear: helmet with a visor or protective glasses.  My working gear: an old t-shirt, a pair of shorts and slippers (the last one is often dispensed with)! And I'm enjoying it!

The flower near Don Bosco's statue has fully blossomed and the other two buds on the plant too are blooming...
Other flowers and plants are really beginning to bloom.  I'm done with all the seeding.  Spent the past two days making cuttings of some of the plants and hopefully they should take root in the coming months.  Every plant that I bought at the garden centre has been 'multiplied'... each of the dainthus has been made into four!  So far so good.  Once they really take root, I'll put them out in the open.  The pansies are looking great.  The petunias are growing well. However out of the six plants that I got, four are of the same colour!!  Should get a few more of other colours.  From the six I bought, I've already made 12!  That's just the beginning!  They'll soon be a few dozen more!

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