Thursday, 31 January 2013

The power within

A couple of days ago I was reading something about training puppies and dogs.  It basically consists of getting one's pet, early in life, to listen, connect sound and action and obey a set of commands.  A few instructions like, the commands to be a single word, not complicated, be accompanied by a sign, and reward be used as an incentive...  were quite clear and useful.  However what caught my attention was the trainer's last observation:  It is not so much the word or sound that matters but the conviction and inner force with which the master commands.  Even training mighty elephants depends much on this principle.

Dogs, and perhaps other animals too, have this amazing ability to see into our soul, our inner state of being and can sense the slightest quiver of hesitation or fear.  Interacting with Ginger, our German Shepherd I realise it is true.  It knows when I really mean what I say and it obeys.  If not, I do not unnecessarily yell or shout at it.  Even a glare or stern look at it suffices and within seconds she comes coyly with her tail tucked beneath her hind legs, ears bent to place her head between my feet.

The power within...!

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