Saturday, 5 January 2013

No comics help!

During our stay in the farm house, one afternoon, our neighbour's farm hut caught fire. Dad, Willy and I rushed to help out and save his paddy and hay stacked up just beside the hut.  I ran faster for I happened to see a calf tied just a little distance away from the hut.  After twenty minutes of firefighting, we controlled the fire and then began to douse it completely with water from the paddy field.  There was no electricity and luckily we had a small sump filled with water that came in handy.  However, what I really realised and learnt is something else that day. ... comics don't help much!

Yeah, comics don't help much! My little nephew, all of three, is crazy about the TV comics of Chota Bheem.  He all the time imitates his fights and actions and dialogues.  But when this fire broke out, he was, at first all excited but after a while so frightened that he shut himself in the inner room, bolting both the doors of the house!  I wonder what happened to his Bheem heroics? 

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