Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Energy Quotient

In Physics there is a law which states that energy can never be created nor destroyed; it only changes form.  I was reflecting to see if this is applicable to the energy within human beings.  Well, as for creating energy, I'm not sure if one is not capable of generating energy within.  However, one thing I feel convinced about:  Energy necessarily does exist; it is only a matter of application!  Whatever be it, energy is consumed!

If I do not use the energy within, for something or anything, I end up using the same energy for 'doing' nothing!  From another perspective, if I do not invest my energy in something constructive, I'm all the same using (dissipating?) my energy.

I ask myself if I'm making the optimum use of my energy for something creative and progressive or am I spending my energy in wasting energy? 

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