Saturday, 5 January 2013

Even the sky is occupied!

I returned from home after almost two weeks of holidays this morning.  In my memory, this was the longest time I stayed away from the computer and internet since I got hooked to it after my student days and since I was appointed Secretary.  Anyway, no regrets... no one committed suicide nor did I lose my sanity!  It was a good and welcome break.

During the one week that I was at home (another five days or so were spent at our farm house, outside the city of Hyderabad), I would go to the terrace every night and spend some time there.  One thing that I couldn't avoid thinking of was how the skyline has changed over the years.  I remember well that as children we would love to climb up the asbestos sheets of our house and look around.  The only tall building (and quite majestic too) in the whole vicinity was our own Don Bosco School.  Slowly things have changed so much that there is hardly any sky left to be seen!  All that one gets to see is tall buildings on every side.  Anyside you look, you find yourself looking into someone's house!  

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