Wednesday, 23 January 2013


I heard an interesting event this evening in one of our neighbouring villages. Incidently Fr Maliekal too was involved - of course, almost as a victim!  It was said that a man, perhaps psychologically affected weilding a big chopper hacked a man and severely injured a woman too.  Fr Maliekal who was on his way to the railway station, riding pillion, with a Brother riding the bike just missed his swing.  This whole episode went on in the village, and traffic was blocked for more than an hour (the village being located right along the inner main road). 

From all the descriptions I heard, I had only one question: Why didn't anyone try to overpower him and stop him from causing further damage?  Everyone was only watching the show or running away worrying about their own safety - that too for more than an hour?? It was nothing short of some Telugu Balakrishna movie.  Only the difference was that all those who roam around the street as heroes always were not the heroes, in time of need.  That solitary figure was! 

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