Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Sensitivity and love

There are many expressions of love; sensitivity being one of the smallest, nonetheless a genuine expression. Each of us experiences this in more than one way: in the train, when a co-passenger lends a helping hand with our lugguage rather than take up cudgels against us or when someone smiles and lets you share his seat when all you have is a wait-listed ticket; in the house, when delayed for meals due to some work, someone at the table keeps the meal hot in a hot-case and then sits with you, though he has finished his meals; on one's return from holidays, a community member is there at the entrance with a broad smile and a strong handshake to welcome you and ask a question or two about your stay at home;  during the rosary, recited with a confrere, he offers a decade for you...

In one sense, sensitivity is indeed a litmus test for genuine love: associated mostly with petty things, one is likely to skip or overlook these aspects, unless one is really... really... concerned about you. 

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