Sunday, 20 January 2013

Religion massacred

The class test I conducted, the day before yesterday, for the third year students for my subject of Philosophy of Religion was almost a massacre of some key theories and names.  Here's how some of my students managed to achieve the feat!
List the major beliefs of Islam
  • Belief in Guru Muhamad 
  • Belief in maccha (I think this guy must have been a Tamilian in his previous birth)
  • They have a book called Kuran.
  • There is one and only one Quran
Name the philosopher who used the idea of 'archetype' to describe his idea of God (the answer is Karl Jung.  And here are some of the names I got to know for the first time in my life):
  • Kalum
  • Kalyum
  • Karl Hume (That is actually a crossbreed between David Hume and Karl Jung!)
  • Kalinung
  • Khackal
  • Kalahinge
  • Karl Young Just
  • And one good Brother thought it was, Aristotle!
There are several more answers (a bit long ones for me to type out here) which my guys wrote. One can only imagine if Jung underwent this transformation, what fate would have befallen Sigmund Freud and his theory of the Father-Son complex, Rudolf Otto's Religious experience, Paul Tillich's symbol, inter-religious dialogue ("the one for which at least two persons are needed," said one).

How I wish I could pass on some of these answer sheets to the Taliban for them to read the about Prophet Mohammad and Islam and then point out to them the authors! 

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