Monday, 7 January 2013

Oh my God

Yesterday I watched bit of the hindi movie Oh My God! Truly amazing and well made.  It basically contains the whole syllabus of the Philosophy of God (Theodicy) but in a neat comical package. None better than Paresh Rawal to essay the role of the atheist/protagonist!  The analogies offered generously all along are quite amusing and lead one to reflection.

Of the part that I was yesterday, the best I liked was when Paresh Rawal asks Akshay Kumar (Lord Krishna, in his modern avatar) to drop him at his house, the latter replies:
My job is to show you the way; reaching the goal is your responsibility. 
I wish to screen the movie for my third year students sometime this month. I'm currently enjoying my course on Philosophy of Religion with them. Though in Hindi, the subtitles should offer them something at least. 

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