Saturday, 26 January 2013

About "level"

I just had a very informal and jovial discussion at the tea table with our domestic staff.  We gathered together to meet the Provincial and after he left, we (the seven staff members and myself) sat for some more time.  As always the case, whenever they relax and feel at home, they start pulling the leg of past and present staff (Priests and Brothers). Along the way they share quite a few insights, given the fact that half of them are Hindus and view things differently from the way that we view things.  However, they have been in the Seminary for more than a decade and hence know also the inner workings.  Today, of the many things, they shared and joked about they mentioned one past staff member who completely 'changed' when he was appointed at a higher post elsewhere.  So much so, he did not even wish them when he left the house.  Kasi, our cook, said, "I thought only politicians and local goons are conscious of their 'level' (referring to the feeling of status and posts). But after I saw him change his attitude so drastically, I realised whether there or here, once the level increases, everything changes!"

That's wisdom from ordinary lay people who slave for us everyday of the year!

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