Sunday, 20 January 2013

Queue psychology

As I spent four and half hours standing in the queue, I had ample time to formulate a 'queue psychology'. Here are some of the insights I gained while on my feet...

  • As long as I was the last one, the fear that I may not get a confirmed ticket loomed large.  However, when there were almost the same number of people behind me, as there were before me, I someone was sure of getting a confirmed ticket.  Added to that was a sense of pity for those who kept joining the queue, as whether at all they will manager to reach the counter before it shuts down. 
  • However organised and orderly the queue, the number of squabbles is directly proportional to the duration of wait. 
  • There are always some who reach the scene late and a while later, find themselves much ahead of us in the queue.  No one knows how and when did he manage to squeeze in, but the fact is that he is there!  And, of course, when noticed by someone there invariably erupts a fight! 
  • The degree of tension is inversely proportional to the duration of time for the counter to open. 
  • Just when the counter opens, everybody rushes to reach the counter - gone the line and order!  And after some heated discussions and jostling when the order is restored, there invariably are a few who have managed to get in.  
  • If jumping the line is a skill then staying unnoticed till your turn to submit the form at the counter arrives, is a real talent.  Some do it with great ease and flair!  
  • When one joins the line fresh, he is a novice - unsure, perplexed, seeking knowledge...  After a couple of hours, he'd be doling out advice and instructions to newcomers as though, he were the Buddha himself! 

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