Saturday, 12 January 2013

Picnic group

A group of children accompanied by a couple of their teachers and the Sisters Community (of the Mary Mediatrix congregation) were with us for the past two days as their picnic. The group are students from a school in Karimnagar and they joined us mostly for their supper, since during the day they were out visiting some picnic spots in and around Vizag.

I was pleasantly surprised by their smartness. They were all of the 10th standard students and supposedly from a rural area.  Given all these facts, I certainly did not expect them to be frank and forthcoming in their interactions.  I was proved totally wrong as they spoke good English (some of them spoke even better than our Brothers!), were free and at home interacting with us all, quite sportive and very reverent too.  Though they did not get to see the Seminary during the daylight, they were keen to take a round of the same at least in the night.  Some of them were so taken up with what they saw, that they wanted to stay back for some time.  And I told them, those inside long to get out and those outside love to get in!  

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