Monday, 2 August 2010

With Bala at his home and studios

This evening turned out to be a very relaxed and enriching one. I'm glad Cheryl came by and I also got to meet her friend Bala. He is an artist and I'm glad I met at least one in my life! Bala came across to me as a simple down to earth guy. No pretenses. No double faced talk. No craze for creating impressions... just being a friend... open, sincere and free. I liked him for that. Of course, it was great again talking and exchanging ideas with Cheryl. I also met Deborah, a student of Bala from the US. Being one from another continent, I was taken up by her sense of observation and interest in things, which we often do not notice or do not care about. As Bala was showing Cheryl and myself around his new studio, Deb was lost in watching a small girl who had got a puppy. She was inseparable from the little cute one, so was Deb from the two of them!

I also got to see some of Bala's works and gratefully he did not discuss art or sculpture and all - I would have been totally at a loss. We met his parents too

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