Thursday, 5 August 2010

A goal beyond Ordination...

This evening I found myself enjoying the play 'Witness to Hope'... a play being put up here at KJC, Bangalore on the occasion of the Feast of the Assumption and Independence day. Since I would miss the real show, I sat for the dress rehearsal this evening. Moreover, I never really 'watched' a play so far. Being in formation houses, I was always involved in the play or drama, so never really got to sit back and watch one. However, I wish to watch a real commercial play in a theatre someday. Perhaps the next time in Bangalore!!!

As for the play 'Witness to Hope', it is based on the life of Pope John Paul II. It is scripted rather decently, though not without some glitches (technical, factual and dramatic). As I watched the play what emerged strongly was once again my pet idea that the real passion of visionaries is something much beyond the here and now. For Carol Wojtyla, priesthood was only a means to a higher goal... for him it was to spread love and hope to all humanity, especially to his Polish people torn apart by violence and hatred. As I had the opportunity to give the goodnight to the community here, I shared the same message: have and know the goal of your life and do not have such petty goals as ordination/Priesthood or Perpetual Profession.

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