Sunday, 15 August 2010

Salesians and Patriotism

Somehow as Salesians we often neglect one aspect of our educational system... perhaps Don Bosco himself never sufficiently emphasised or felt the need of highlighting this dimension of the educational process... that of patriotism. Though he did speak of 'Good Christians and honest citizens' it somehow never really inculcated any patriotic sense. Perhaps the political context of his times forced him to stay calm and away from anything to do with general welfare and national policies. Unfortunately we Salesians seem to have taken that very seriously and have altogether relegated 'our duty to the nation' to merely hoisting the flag on August 15 and a well corrected speech for the same. I would not shrink from my responsibility either ... I am one such Salesian!

Over the time if there is something that constantly shames me is this short song/video ... truly splendid in its portrayal of the need for every citizen to take the first step:

Another truly well made inspirational ad about patriotism is the following:

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