Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Jesus heard...

It is easier to see and say about the unnecessary burdens others carry about but very difficult to even be aware of the tons of load I myself carry around. These past couple of days I have been quite hard on the Brothers. Last night's goodnight, I feel in retrospect, was too hard for them. Perhaps I should have spoken of my difficulty with some of them, individually than "warn" the whole community about it. Anyway, hope like most other instructions, my reflections last night too went above their head!!

As I listened to the spiritual reading this evening the line that struck me was the one about Jesus 'hearing' the needs of those who came to meet Him. He heard more than what they said! He heard their spoken word, their unwavering faith, their deep anxieties, their fears and troubles, their desire to be better and all their unspoken history. He heard it all!

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