Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Frontline foot Soldiers of the Church

Tomorrow is the feast of the front line foot soldiers of the Church... the Parish Priests. Certainly more than the religious or any other form of clergy, the Parish Priests are the ones who really are the face of the Church, interacting with the faithful people. Hence more than qualifications and feelings a Parish Priests needs to have insight and prudence... when to say, what to say and how to say. That's a rather difficult task given the fact that this is not something that books and all the years of formation (including those numerous term papers and assignments one does) can really equip us with. This is something that comes with patient learning, picking up threads from elders and experienced people and having a deep inner conviction about one's own vocation and love for it.

May John Mary Vianney, the patron of all Parish Priests, grant us all that grace!
Miss being at home in Kondadaba for this feast day!

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