Thursday, 19 August 2010

The educated and dowry

This afternoon I received another invitation for a marriage in a nearby village (not that I know anyone in the family - not a single person - but the fact that I'm on the staff of the seminary, I get one card by default!). Anyway, later while talking about it at table, it was stated that the dowry being paid by the girl is 4 lakhs!! That too she is better educated that the groom!! The worst is that both of them are teachers!! Now if this is the state of life and principles of educators, what better can we expect of simple ordinary folks? While for me this was the most idiotic thing in this episode, someone else found the fact that the girl (a catholic) getting married to a Hindu, very irritating. That for me bears no significance at all in the context of the former.

Well, I guess perspectives matter and they are different even for the same context and content. I still am wondering what would the couple be teaching children in the school about social values and principles. And God forbid, if they are social studies teachers!!

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